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Tomatillo Sour Margarita

Tomatillo Sour Margarita

A Classic Cocktail Recipe with a Botanical Twist!

Tomatillos are bright and beautiful (and not tomatoes…we know you know, help us spread the word, please). Use this zingy recipe to make impressive, zippy cocktails for your next garden party or margarita on the front porch.


What is a tomatillo, anyway?

Tomatillos are fruits native to Mexico resembling small green tomatoes in appearance  but with their own unique flavor profile and most notably their papery skin. Slightly more acidic and a little less sweet, tomatillos have a bright and tangy flavor rivaled by no other fruit that makes the perfect margarita.



The Margarita Recipe

We invited some friends for a potluck in our community garden and used our Tomatillo Sour kit to make margaritas and they were a hit.

Scroll all the way down for the downloadable recipe card with a single serving and batched version!

Tomatillo Sour Margarita


- Strained Camp Tomatillo Sour (infused with Tequila)

- Gran Marnier

- Lime Juice

- Simple Syrup

- Salt for Rimming


Infuse Camp Tomatillo Sour kit with tequila in the fridge for three days. Strain infused Tomatillo Sour. Combine with Gran Marnier, Lime Juice, and simple syrup. Serve over ice in a salt rimmed glass (or glasses) with a squeeze of lime.


Follow the recipe card below to make a single serving or a batched cocktail.



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