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Camp Kit of the Month - 6 Months of Cocktails

Each month, for 6 MONTHS, we send out a curated cocktails box with different flavors, recipes, and ideas for enjoying slower sips and longer tables. This box is perfect for both the home bartending novice and the expert mixologist providing items and instructions for building cocktails and community from the comfort of home.

Monthly Curated Boxes Always Include:
  • 1 Camp Craft Cocktails Kit ($25 value)
  • 1 Camp Simple ($12 value)
  • 1 Camp Guide with Recipes, Stories, Hospitality Tips, and more ($12 value)
  • 1 Camp Unique & Exclusive Home Bartending Item (changes monthly, $15 value)

Each month (shipping's included), we'll ship you a different ready to infuse Rotating Cocktails Kit, One of our SIMPLE syrup kits, a cocktail inspired zine to educate and deep dive into each month’s cocktail recipe. Each box will also contain a Bar Cart or entertaining must have.  

For the person who likes to entertain
For the Introvert who loves a night out, but prefers to be in
For the couple who loves date night
For the Outdoor Adventurer who’s always on the move
For the Mocktail lover/ person who is Alcohol Free
For the Home Bartender
For the person who can’t stop talking about Orgeat 
For the person who asks the bartender to surprise them
For the person who reads Bon Appetit or Architectural Digest from front to back like a book
For the friend who has the perfect drinking porch but never invites you over for one

Purchasing as a gift? Download a card Here

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