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Our Mint Camp SIMPLE makes a stellar Mint Julep.

Our Mint Camp SIMPLE makes a stellar Mint Julep.

Kentucky Derby cocktails in a 
Crushed or pebble ice is the star of this build-in-the-glass libation. Your bourbon infused Camp Simple (strained) goes into the highball glass or mint julep cup, right before heaping the ice on top, snow cone fashion. Warning, the horses may be lightning fast, but you would do well to sip slowly.

This Cocktail is created by infusing the 
Camp Mint Simple Syrup Kit
 with Bourbon instead of water.


Mint Julep Recipe

  • ACTIVE TIME       5 minutes
  • TOTAL TIME        65 minutes


Makes 2

2 rocks or collins glasses

4 ounces bourbon infused Camp Mint Simple Syrup Kit

4 teaspoons water

2 sprigs of fresh mint                                                                                        

2 glasses crushed ice                                                                                           


Step 1

Fill the Camp Mint Simple Syrup Kit bottle with bourbon. Shake occasionally and allow sugar to fully incorporate into bourbon (an hour–longer is fine).

Step 2

Add 2 oz. strained, Bourbon infused  Camp Simple to each glass. Add 2 teaspoons water to each glass. Gently swirl each glass (or use a spoon)  to blend contents.

Step 3

Fill each glass to the brim with crushed or pebble ice. 

Step 4

Tuck a sprig of fresh mint into the top of each glass.


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