Salty Dog

Salty Dog

Cocktail Kits
Spirits Used

Vodka, Gin, Rum, Bourbon, or Tequila


8 Cocktails

Fill your Salty Dog Camp Kit with liquor. While it’s great with any, we like Vodka, Gin, Rum, Bourbon, or Tequila. Refrigerate for three days to infuse (Don’t have 3 days? Microwave your infusion without the lid. Heat but never boil. Allow to cool.), then strain into another container. Makes eight cocktails.

Salty Dog Recipe:

Put grapefruit juice on a saucer, wet the rim of a tall glass, and dip the glass edge in salt. Fill the rimmed glass with ice and add a strained 1.5 oz. shot. Top with 4 oz. of grapefruit juice.

Salty Dog Mocktail:

Fill your Salty Dog Camp Kit with hot water and allow to cool. Add the following to an ice filled glass: 2 oz. of strained Salty Dog and 1 oz. of pink grapefruit juice. Add a squeeze of lime, stir, and serve.

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