Easy Craft
Cocktails Kits


How It Works

Step 1
Choose a Cocktail Infusion Kit.
Step 2
Fill the kit with liquor or hot water for a mocktail.
Step 3
Refrigerate for 3 days, then mix and enjoy!

Take to the Sea Spring & Summer 2024

Join Camp in celebrating Spring and Summer with our Take to the Sea collection. Introducing three Cocktail Kits and a magical Simple Syrup inspired by blue skies, open waters, and the endless horizon.

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What is Camp?

Camp is More Than Cocktails

It’s a mission to build longer tables where everyone is welcome, and everyone belongs. You can sit with us, and please share your story. We want slow sips and long talks, acceptance, and a willingness to open your mind to others. We want home bartenders to be empowered through the exploration and delight in the process of crafting a simple, delicious cocktail. Every gathering is an opportunity to grow community, to listen and learn, and to grow and stretch.

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Embark on your home bartender journey and start crafting delicious cocktail creations with our perfect pairing.

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