A Dash of Bitters

A Dash of Bitters

what are bitters?

Bitters are spirits infused with herbs and spices and used in small amounts to flavor cocktails. Just a few dashes can add complexity to your cocktail. Bitters give the Old Fashioned cocktail its signature flavor.

how are bitters measured?

Bitters are measured in “dashes” directly into a cocktail or shaker. Most recipes call for one or two. How much is a dash of bitters? Somewhere between 1/8 and 1/4 of a teaspoon. Most bitters come in small bottles which can be shaken directly into a cocktail a few times to get the right amount.

bitters in Camp

Old Fashioneds have a sweet profile that benefit from the complexity of bitters in the recipe. Adding aromatic bitters to our sugar means one less ingredient you will need for cocktail making. All the elements work together to provide a complex flavor with a simple preparation.


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