Casual Beach Picnic

Casual Beach Picnic

Ideas for a Low-Prep Picnic + a Super Simple Sangria Recipe


We recently invited some friends to join us for a beach picnic (in Florida we can still do this in the “fall”) and we had the best time. Even if you don’t live near the beach it’s the perfect time of year to gather with friends outdoors before the weather gets too cold. Try it at a lake, a park, or even in your backyard! The important thing is getting to spend time together. 

We brought along our Sangria kit and made some cozy cocktails (keep reading for the recipe!), and tried to keep everything simple so that we could focus on enjoying time together with our friends.

Here’s what we did to keep our picnic super low key, but make it a dreamy, memorable time:

1. PREP - 3 days ahead of time we infused our Sangria kit. You can use any liquor but we suggest rum or cognac. This is also a good time to start texting and calling your friends to invite them for a picnic.

2. PACK - here’s our simple 5-item picnic packing list:

  • Rugs, blankets, or cushions for seating
  • Plateware and cloth napkins–no litterbugs in nature!
  • Candles and lanterns for lighting as the sun goes down
  • Glassware and a couple of trays for serving cocktails
  • A bottle of wine and our infused Sangria kit




3. PICK-UP - we picked up pizzas on the way to the beach which was so easy and no need to bring utensils. Sub sandwiches would be another easy utensil-free option to order ahead and pick up on your way.



4. POUR - here’s our simple Sangria recipe:

Pour 1.5 oz strained shots into a glasses of ice, top with red wine, and stir.




May we pour love into each other’s hearts
As we fill each other’s lives with meaning.