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Lemon Drop


Cocktail Infusion Kit - Makes 8 Cocktails - Infuse with Liquor or Hot Water for a Mocktail.


This is the kit that paints the town red, purple, yellow, green, and every color in between. It’s a Miami night, steamy from dancing with disco balls flashing. It’s slow sips and raucous laughter while you walk the South Beach Boardwalk, a palm tree silhouette against the moon, long after last call at the club.

INGREDIENTS: Lemon, Orange, and Vanilla Citrus Infused Non-GMO Vegan Sugar

INFUSE WITH: Vodka (or Hot Water for a Zero Proof recipe)

Each jar is filled with Dehydrated Fruit and Non-GMO Vegan Sugar. No Preservatives, No Artificial Colors or Flavors.

HANDCRAFTED COCKTAILS: Enjoy the perfect Lemon Drop every time with Camp Craft Cocktails’ refined recipe.

Fill your Lemon Drop Camp Kit with liquor. While it’s great with any, we like Vodka for this one. Refrigerate for three days to infuse (Don’t have 3 days? Microwave your infusion without the lid. Heat but never boil. Allow to cool.), then strain into another container. Makes eight cocktails.

Lemon Drop Golden Ratio

Add a strained 2 oz. shot into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice. Add 1oz. Camp Simple Classic and 1 oz. fresh lemon juice. Shake for 20 seconds and strain into an ice-filled glass. Garnish with a sugared lemon wedge. 

Lemon Drop Mocktail

Fill your Lemon Drop Camp Kit with hot water and allow to cool. Fill a glass with ice and add a strained 1.5 oz. shot and 4 oz. cranberry juice. Garnish with a squeeze of lemon. 


‎Camp Craft Cocktails, Women Owned, Hand Made in the USA

CAMP Craft Cocktails Kit includes:

1 Infusion ready jar. Alcohol not included. Serves 8, can be infused twice for a total of 16 servings. Each kit comes with a printed How To Infuse Card.

Each kit is packed in a recyclable 16 oz Glass Jar measuring 13.75 cm H 7.8 cm W

Lemon Drop: 1.8 oz. Dehydrated Ingredients

No Preservatives


Hand Packed

Happy Workers

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